Welcome to the association of Art 2008.

Idea is art - when free thoughts are born.

To be an artist in De-Frie there are 2 criteria.

1. The artist must have an exhibition for a period of at least 10 years.

2. The artist must have his or her own seat.


DE-FREE artist seems the biggest

education an artist can get is it

a life gives you.


The education must be an artist

will never finish.


The Art is a lifelong process of cancer

human personal development.


We think.

The idea is art - when free thoughts are born!


DE-FREE Artists Visions Orginate

from a community where passion

creating is motivation.


DE-FREE visions are.

No show point is that small or large.


The artists of the free are expecting

to exhibit many places in Denmark

and foreign countries.


All of us in the technology - union DE-FRIE

Thank you for visiting us.

Whit creative greetings and see you later.

What is art?

Decisive is that the word "art" used in a sense that does not have anything with a modern concept of art making, but linguistically contributes to the perception that everything is art, or at least the boundaries are quite blurred:


Artist association de-frie

was started in 2008.

What is idea?

One idea is a conscious thought, on a concrete or abstract problem. The human ability to get ideas associated with reason, self-reflection and the ability to acquire intellect, intuition and inspiration, etc. Ideas can also give rise to concepts or mind generalizations.

Artists in de-frie.


Niels Poplens. Skagen Denmark.


Gitte Toft. Skagen Denmark.


Jimmi Flyvholm. Skagen Denmark.


Ulla Egholm. Skagen Denmark.


Jens Valdemar Sæby Denmark

Chris Præstegaard Denmark





NEW ARTIST with de-free.


The artist association has the great pleasure of welcoming to the artist Chris Præstegaard.


At the artists' website you will get relevant information about exhibitions etc.


Ohio USA is now the most visited place on earth on this site :) 

NIELS POPLENS Exhibits 4 times in The White Lighthouse here in Skagen all week 30 years 2020. Under the title BLUE TIME IN THE WHITE FIRE.