Welcome to the association of Art 2008.

Idea is art - when free thoughts are born.

To be a menber of the association de-frie, there are 3 criteria.


1. The artist must have exhibitet for a period of minimum 10 years.

2. The artist have his own activity.

3. The artist must have his own homesite.


DE-FRIE artist thinks the greatest

education a artist can get is the

one life gives you.


The Education to be an artist

will never finish.


The Art is a life long proces cancerning

the humans personal evolution.


We think.

Idea is Art - when THE-FRIE thoughts are born!


DE-FRIE Artists visions orginate

from a fellowship where the passion

yo create is the motivation.


DE-FRIE visions is.

No exhibition place is to littel or to big.


The artists of the free expects

to exhibit a lot of places in Denmark

and foreign countries.


All of us in the art - association DE-FRIE

thanks for visiting us.

Whit creativ regards and see you later.

What is art?


Decisive is that the word "art" used in a sense that does not have anything with a modern concept of art making, but linguistically contributes to the perception that everything is art, or at least the boundaries are quite blurred:


Artist association de-frie

was started in 2008.


What is idea?

One idea is a conscious thought, on a concrete or abstract problem. The human ability to get ideas associated with reason, self-reflection and the ability to acquire intellect, intuition and inspiration, etc. Ideas can also give rise to concepts or mind generalizations.